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Residential Care Facility Licensing Information
Step to RCFE Licensure

Component I
Complete an Initial 80-hour RCFE Administrator Certification class through an approved Department of Social Services vendor such as the Tammez Consulting Services, LLC.
Take and pass the standardized examination for RCFE Administrator Certification through the Department of Social Services. (You have only 60 days from the date you complete your initial class to take the exam. Failure to do so will result in your having to re-take the class.)
Upon receiving notification from DSS that you have successfully passed the examination, you must submit a $100.00 processing fee to DSS to receive your certificate.
Obtain a Department of Justice Criminal Background Clearance through the Live Scan fingerprinting. (Approximately $82.00 per person)
Complete your state application for a facility license and submit it to licensing processing fee.
Attend the mandatory "Orientation" given by the DSS on a monthly basis. There is a $50.00 non-refundable fee per person to attend the orientation.

Component II
Be prepared to receive a letter or phone call from the LPA (Licensing Program Analyst) to meet and discuss in the DSS office a face to face interview regarding the application for licensure.

Component III
Be prepared to receive a visit from the LPA to inspect your interior and exterior of your facility.  Make sure your rooms are fully furnished prior to their visit.

We offer consulting services at competitive rates.
Part A & B Documentation

Part A Application
The "Part A" portion of the application consists of a variety of forms. Some are easy to complete, and others may be challenging.
The completion of Part A can take many days of detailed labor.
Tammez Consulting Services can assist you with Part A.
The following forms can be completed by you and reviewed by our trained professionals or can be completed solely by us.  The choice is yours.  The LIC forms, 200, 215, 308, 309, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 420, 500, 501, 509, 610 and 9054.
We will assist you and explain them to you or review your finished work before submitting to CCL.

You are accountable for knowing the contents of your application and for providing the services thereafter.  We will correct any revisions requested by CCL without an extra charge.

Part B Application
The "Part B" portion of the application, also known as the Plan of Operation or Program Design, consists of a narrative description of the program and services you will provide.  This document is typically 100-150 pages in length and recommended to be typed and numbered.  The completion of Part B if completed on your own can take many weeks, or even months, of detailed labor.  We can complete your Part B document in its entirety, including all job descriptions, personnel policies, sample staff schedule and staff in-service training schedule, program description, sample admission agreement, etc in as short as 10 days. 

Total price for both Parts A&B is $2000 for 6 bed or less.  Call for price of 16 bed or larger. The price includes holding your hand through the entire application process,
inspection of the facility with recommendations, assist with the filing of the LLC/Corporation documents and after licensure and questions answered that you have.
EMAIL: 10sunshine@roadrunner.com